Rethinking Customer Service in a Digital World


It’s imperative for any business to make customer service and satisfaction one of their top priorities. This is especially true in the hospitality and travel industries, because customers are going to assess  your business primarily on whether or not they received a friendly, enjoyable, entertaining experience.

The  concept of customer service may seem to have had a drastic change since entering the digital era; how does an industry which is meant to be experienced in-person thrive in a world where guests are making their decision about a place before they’ve ever stepped foot on its premises? But you’ll see, some things remain the same, only the labels change. 

  1. Be Responsive - in an Accenture study, 81% of consumers stated that it was frustrating to deal with companies who do not make it easy to do business with them. Customers demand a modern approach from businesses. If your website lacks critical information and you don’t have an easy-to-use live chat, customers will decide to pass on booking with you without ever speaking on the phone or in-person. 
  2. Be Proactive - 55% of consumers say easy access to information will convince them to build a relationship with a brand. This means you can’t leave your guests and possible future guests in the dark! Update them with new information through social media feeds and social messaging tools to help them answer questions. 
  3. Be Social  - this point is related to the previous two. Customers want modern responsive proactive brands? This should come with little surprise, as 56% of customers say they have a more favorable view of a brand if they use social media and messaging channels to address concerns. In other words, customer service needs to be as convenient as possible, and in this era, an Internet connection is a required tool to do so. 
  4. Be Human - in the same Accenture study, it was found 83% of consumer want to deal with human beings when solving issues. Be personable! Engage in a dialogue! Conversation is not idle; it’s a lead conversion and guest loyalty tool which reaps benefits not only for you, but your guest. 
It’s imperative for any business to make customer service and satisfaction one of their top priorities.

In short, people want brands to be responsive, proactive, and human, using the appropriate mediums to make everything more convenient. For more on what travelers are looking for in the digital age, see our thoughts on digital concierge.


Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash