Hoperator / Cloudbeds Integration

Connecting to Cloudbeds Myfrontdesk PMS

Hoperator connects to both Myfrontdesk and Mybookings. In order to take advantage of the Cloudbeds / Hoperator integration, you must already have a Cloudbeds and Hoperator account.

Connecting Hoperator to your Cloudbeds Myfrontdesk account takes only a few minutes. When you create your Hoperator account, the last step of Hoperator’s setup wizard is the integrations section. In this section you will select Cloudbeds.

Note: You can access this section anytime from the setup wizard button in the lower left corner of the dashboard.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 10.32.33 AM.png

Step 1

In the Cloudbeds integrations section select the Authorize Your Account link. This will take you through the Cloudbeds authorization process to connect Hoperator to Cloudbeds.



Step 2

Hoperator will then import your upcoming reservations for the next year. Once this is complete, your account will be authorized and Hoperator will begin automatically importing new reservation data daily.


Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 4.47.27 PM.png


Congratulations! You are finished!

The Hoperator Myfrontdesk connection is finished! You can now view your guest contacts in Hoperator and message them or setup automated outreach to your guests. If you need any help setting up your automated outreach, please reference Hoperator's help documentation from within the dashboard. You can also schedule some time for 1:1 support.

Note: If you need to import additional reservation data either historical or further in the future you can use the manual import feature accessible in the left hand navigation.

Onboarding and Support

If you need any help getting your Hoperator account set up you can email Hoperator support at support@hoperator.com

You can also visit Hoperator’s help documentation which is accessible from the side fly-out menu in the Hoperator dashboard. From here you may also schedule training or a demo from the link at the bottom of the menu at any time.

Disconnecting Hoperator from Myfrontdesk

To disconnect Hoperator from your Myfrontdesk account please follow the instructions in our Apps and Integrations Overview.

After disconnecting within Myfrontdesk, confirm that it has been disconnected in Hoperator. If Hoperator is still showing a connection, access Cloudbeds from the integrations section in Hoperator and simply select the disconnect link.



If you are a Cloudbeds customer and do not already have a Hoperator account, learn more about the Hoperator integration and setup your account today!

With Hoperator and Cloudbeds connected, you will be able to access the following data from the Hoperator dashboard:

  • Contact Address
  • Email(s)
  • Telephone Numbers
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Reservation ID
  • Arrival Date
  • Departure date
  • Room Type
  • Cost of Room (per Night)
  • Cost of Stay (for Full Stay)

Accessing this data within Hoperator allows you to:

  • Search guests while in a conversation in Hoperator
  • Link conversation data to your guest details within Hoperator
  • Email or Text Message guests from within Hoperator
  • Automate pre-arrival, in-house and post stay communication with your guests based on their reservation status, room type, rate code and upsell or package type


Data Privacy, Permissions and GDPR

Hoperator is a powerful communications tool that serves as a data processor for your business. It is important that your operation of Hoperator complies with GDPR data privacy best practices. Please make sure that your businesses Privacy Policy is up-to-date and follows data privacy best practices. Please refer to Hoperator’s guidelines.


Connecting to Cloudbeds Mybookings

Almost 70% of chats start in the booking engine. Connecting Hoperator to your Cloudbeds Mybookings booking engine is simple and takes just a few minutes.

Note: If you have not already configured the Hoperator embed for your website, please complete Step 2 of the Hoperator Setup Wizard located in your Hoperator dashboard.

To get started with the Mybookings integration, you can access the Mybookings integration settings from the Cloudbeds integration section.


Step 1:

Login to your Cloudbeds account and select the gear icon in the top right.


Step 2:

Selecting the gear icon will display the left navigation menu. Scroll down to Customize mybookings underneath the Booking Engine Menu item. This will display text boxes for the header and footer sections of your hotel's booking engine page. You will want to copy and paste the code below into the custom header area.


<!-- Hoperator -->

<script async type="text/javascript" src="https://sidecar.hoperator.com/cloudbeds-site-loader.js"></script>

<!-- End Hoperator -->



The Hoperator script should display in the box as it does above. Select the Save button.


Step 3:

Now, login to Hoperator and navigate to the Integrations page and choose Cloudbeds. In the Cloudbeds settings select Mybookings from the left menu.


Open your booking engine in your browser and look at the URL. Enter ONLY the property code portion of the URL into the property code field in Hoperator and select the Connect button.



Congratulations! You are finished!

The Hoperator Mybookings connection is finished! You can now message with guests and setup automated messages in your booking engine. Need help with any of this? You can also schedule some time for 1:1 support.


Disconnecting Hoperator from Mybookings

To disconnect Hoperator from your Mybookings account, simply select the Disconnect Cloudbeds link in the Mybookings configuration.


Increase Direct Bookings with Hoperator

With Hoperator connected to  Mybookings, you can track every interaction in your booking engine and easily create automated messaging based on your visitor's activity. You can use these messages to display:

  • Promotional Offers
  • Discounts
  • Messages Based on Referral Data
  • Messages Based on Visitor Info

Note: If you have not already configured the Hoperator embed for your website, please complete Step 2 of the Hoperator Setup Wizard located in your Hoperator dashboard.