Data Privacy Considerations

Guidelines for Consent and Data Privacy


We take data privacy seriously. The nature of Hoperator is to facilitate communication on behalf of you and your customers. In doing so, Hoperator adheres to strict compliance policies for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Hoperator requires that your privacy policy must adhere to the following:

Visitor Tracking (Analytics and Personalization)

Create a “Tracking Consent” notice.

GDPR was created to provide greater data transparency for European Union businesses and citizens. As a result, you should be displaying a cookie policy for EU visitors on your website. This notice can be in the form of a banner or a pop up box. The purpose of this notice is to explicitly ask website visitors for their permission to be tracked. The notice must state what information is being collected and how it will be used. In addition, the notice must use use clear and plain language and contain a button that the visitor must select in order to give their consent.

Hoperator does not use cookies, but it does utilize the web browser’s local storage to identify and track your visitor’s activity and customize their browsing experience through our messaging automation functionality. While Hoperator has built in functionality to comply with data privacy and regulation, we do ask that you add language regarding visitor tracking to your website cookie policy to inform your visitors.

We also ask that you add an ID or Class to your decline button on your policy and that you specify this in the Hoperator dashboard. You can access this from the sub navigation menu on the left. Go to Website Embed and then Data Privacy Settings. Adding this Class or ID will anonymize the visitor session when a visitor elects to not allow tracking.


Hoperator tracks website activity to provide analytics, personalization and automated messaging to your visitors. Feel free to use the descriptions below for your consent dialog:

We would like to improve your experience using browsing history on our site and your general location (region). We will also store data about your device and browser to recognize returning sessions.

We occasionally display personalized messages and exclusive offers and promotions based on your browsing activity. Sometimes this content is adjusted based on your browsing history on our site and general location (region) and page activity.



Privacy Policy Best Practices

While Hoperator is designed to facilitate customer outreach from your Property Management System (or other integration), consent requests regarding communication with your business must be separate from other terms and conditions. 


As general best practices, please be advised that your Privacy Policy and Terms at the point of booking must clearly state that communication regarding your guest's stay for Hoperator, your loyalty program or any other upselling or CRM system may include:

  • Booking Confirmation
  • Pre-Arrival Notfications
  • Check-In and or Pre/Post Check-In Communication

Please consider the following to be compliant:

  1. Pre-ticked opt-in boxes are not valid - use unticked opt-in boxes or similar active opt-in methods.
  2. Tell your customers that they have the right to withdraw their consent at any time and how to do this.
  3. Any customer outreach communication sent to a contact that was not obtained from a Hoperator conversation or integration, must have opted in to receive communication from your business. This consent must be documented and easy to withdraw if the contact requests so.