What is Hoperator and other questions

Is Hoperator just for Accommodations?

No. Hoperator is designed for any travel related business that would like to implement a live chat and messaging platform. Hoperator can be used by tour operators, guides, travel bloggers, travel agents, destination marketing organizations, tourism bureau's, vacation rentals, residences, car services and more. Hoperator is a messaging application designed to keep your business connected with your guests.

Is Hoperator a PMS or channel allocator?

Hoperator is not a PMS or channel allocator. Hoperator is more like a channel manager for messaging. 

Do I need to embed Hoperator on every page of my website?

No. The Hoperator embed code should be placed into the body of the main directory page of your website. This will render Hoperator onto every page of your site. If you have questions, please contact our support team.

What geographies does Hoperator service?

Hoperator services businesses all over the world. 

What browsers/operating systems is Hoperator compatible with?

Hoperator is a web-based software application that supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari  on both PC and Mac. Hoperator supports Chrome and Safari on mobile.

Is Hoperator mobile compatible?

Yes. Hoperator is designed to have a consistent user experience on across Android and iPhone. If you encounter any technical issues or bugs, please contact our support team.

Do my guests have to download an app?

No. Hoperator is completely a web-based, app-less experience. However, we are currently working on mobile applications that will be available soon.


Other questions? Please contact us.