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Are you highly connected in the travel and hospitality industry?  

Simply refer Hoperator and make extra money! Utilize your network! Refer our next customer and you can earn up to a 30% commission for each referral.

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Hoperator is the new standard for multi-channel messaging for the travel and hospitality businesses. Our customers span the travel industry from B&B's, hostels, furnished apartments and vacation rentals to hotels and resorts. We also help corporate travel managers, travel agents, OTA's and more. 

Here's All You Need to Do

All you need to do is refer someone to us. You can simply send an email to  and your contact to arrange an email introduction. 

Earn Up to a 30% Commission for Each Referral that Becomes a Customer

Once your referral becomes a paying customer then you will be issued payment for your commission. Once three monthly payments (or annual) payment is made, you will be paid your commission. And you can keep earning this! This commission will be paid on a per property basis. If a referred business is someone that we are already in contact with we will let you know upon receipt of your referral. Questions? Please contact to learn more.