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We have had a lot of demand for the team chat feature and we are excited to announce that it is here. Start chatting with your team today!

The team chat icon appears right below the chat icon in the left navigation. Simply select the "Compose" button on the top right of the Team Conversations to add team members to your chat!



Multi Language Support

The Hoperator user interface is now available in 20 languages!

Both, the switchboard and chat widget are available in 20 languages. The language selector is in the top left corner of the user interface (top right on mobile). Greetings will also now display in the visitor's browser language.

Recent Updates

Are you taking advantage of these features yet?


Greeting Workflows

Greeting Workflows allow you to send highly targeted greetings to your website visitors on any page of your website. If you would like assistance setting up greetings for your business please contact us, we would be happy to help.

Default Greetings

Default Greetings display site wide. You can create stackable greetings for extra emphasis as well as separate greetings for new or returning visitors. You can also set up multiple options to randomize your Default Greeting

Targeted Greetings

Targeted Greetings display on specific pages of your website. You can specify one or many pages for a single greeting or display it for an entire directory on your website. You can also set separate Targeted Greetings for new and returning visitors.

Event-Based Greetings

Event-Based Greetings are greetings that you would like to have triggered by a visitor’s activity. This can be mouse movement, button clicks, referring URL’s and form activity. You can set separate Event-Based Greetings for new and returning visitors.


Additional Workflows

Other workflow features include Visitor Activity, Notifications and Custom Scripts. 

Visitor Activity

Hoperator’s visitor tracking is set by default to record a number of actions on your website. Now, with the added workflows, you can specify additional actions (buttons clicks, form activity and more) that you would like to record in the visitor activity stream.


Beyond Hoperator's default notifications, the Notifications Workflow feature allows you to create custom notifications based on visitor activity on your website. These notifications are then added to the Alerts page so that your users can manage the alerts that they would to receive. 

Custom Scripts

Custom scripting support extends the flexibility of Hoperator and allows for advanced customization and integration with your website and 3rd party services. Please contact us for more information or help with this feature.


Please contact us if you have questions or need help setting up any of these features


Other Recent Features

Chat button positioning - You can place the chat button in any of the four corners of your website.

User Administration - If you are the business account owner, you can now add other users as administrators to your account. In the Connected Users section, selecting a user now previews that users profile information. Here you can make the user an administrator, you can also view/edit the alerts that they have setup and view/edit their profile information.

Account Settings Update - When selecting your avatar to access the sub navigation, you will notice that User Alerts and Online Schedule have been added to this section.

Mobile Visitor Tracking Support - To view the Visitor Profile information on mobile, select the avatar next the activity.



To see all of the updates associated with this release please visit the Release Notes page.