Introducing Lead Tracking

Qualify your website traffic to optimize your engagement strategy



We have revamped our analytics overview to give you a better snapshot of how your website, custom greetings and engagement performance.

Defining Leads

Define leads to better filter your website visitor activity

To define leads for your website, navigate to your avatar in the left navigation and then choose "Website Embed" in the sub navigation. Navigate to the last item in the list in this view called "Define Leads".

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 10.31.50 AM.png

Here you can enable lead tracking for your site and set a minimum number of page views that visitor needs to view before qualifying them as a lead. You can also specify entire directories of your site (ex. /reservations), single pages or multiple pages.

Viewing Leads



The Visitor Activity View

Many of our users get hundreds of visits to their website every hour. With leads defined, you will only see visitor traffic that meets your lead definition requirement by default. These sessions will be marked with a star. 

You can still view all activity if you want by selecting the filter icon in the top right. Here you can view all traffic or just lead traffic. 

You can also set a user alert for lead as well as new website visitor. However,  you can also just get an alert when someone is a lead by deselecting your alert for new or returning visitor.


Two-Way SMS 

We now have SMS in additional countries.

We have added SMS in select countries and have added SMS to select plans as well. To send and receive text messages you will need to secure an SMS enabled number via the Hoperator dashboard.

If you currently have SMS notifications setup in your account, they are coming from Hoperator.

We will be in touch to migrate you over to the new system.

Additional Updates

Other feature updates in this deployment include:

Team Chat Notifications

You can now set alerts for team conversations in your alerts panel to be notified when you receive a new message from your team.

Read Receipts

A user's avatar displays below a message to indicate that they have view the message. This is especially helpful for
team chats.

Open Bot Configuration

Botler is now configurable to accept 3rd party chat bot integrations. Please
contact us for more information or help with this feature.


Message Status

In case you have not been active in Hoperator for a bit, we have added a new message notification with the message feed.

Auto Unarchive

If an archived conversation is revisited by a website visitor or guest, we now unarchive that conversation automatically.


Please Note: We have  moved the logout button back into the sub navigation menu above the switch user button.


To see all of the updates associated with this release please visit the Release Notes page.


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