Hoperator Tipping Philosophy

Tipping etiquette varies around the world. In some economies, it is expected and in others it is not. You can tip a user at any time, not just when you are prompted. So, why tip?

On average, companies that provide review or rating systems as part of their platform throw away more than 25% of the reviews or ratings that they process. No two people, regardless of similarities will rate or review a service the same. Tipping bypasses subjectivity and demonstrates the helpfulness of the service provider.

Our platform is built to incentivize the entrepreneurial and create more informed and meaningful travel experiences by allowing people to connect and share information. Regardless if tipping is an expected part of a local economy, users who provide exceptional virtual customer service may be rewarded.

If you receive exceptional customer service and/or access to information you would have otherwise not found, please show your support by tipping.

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